Our Motto

Go To The People &

Meet Their Needs...

Mobile Health Outreach

Providing primary care, wound care, vision screenings, and more directly on the Streets.

Resource Navigation

Empowering our participants how to navigate community resources when needed.

Advocacy & Research

Growing awareness on the issues revolving around homelessness by engaging stakeholders.

Strength In Numbers

Working collaboratively and interprofessionally to address social determinants of health.

About Us

Caring for

phoenix's homeless

Street Medicine Phoenix is a student-driven interprofessional health care and social justice team coordinated by the Zuckerman College of Public Health that brings together students and faculty from the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Mayo Clinic, Midwestern University, and Creighton University to serve the medical needs of the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona.

Todays Students, Tomorrows Leaders.

Improving The

Delivery of Care
4 PHX's Homeless

After completing our initial Health Needs Assessment, the Street Medicine Phoenix team quickly learned that the need were beyond medical care, but included additional needs such as transportation, shelter, social work, and much more. Thus, Street Medicine Phoenix provides an array of services and includes volunteers from medicine, public health, veterinary, optometry, physician assistant, nursing, social work & physical/occupational therapy.

Our mission is to ensure access to quality healthcare for Phoenix's homeless population living and sleeping on the streets.

Providing care directly on the streets
Removing barriers to care
Building strong relationships and trust
Breaking stigmas together

Our vision is to walk side-by-side with and advocate for homeless individuals in the Phoenix metro area as they strive to overcome personal obstacles and societal stigmas in the pursuit of happiness, well-being, and a home.

Connecting our participants to essential services
Helping our participants navigate resources and become more independent
Building trust to bring change
Learning from community partners to make a long-lasting impact together

1.) Reduce the Phoenix homeless population’s reliance on Emergency Departments for health care by linking them with a primary medical home.
2.) Connect individuals experiencing homelessness in the Phoenix metro area with existing community agencies to meet their long-term needs.
3.) Expand the current knowledge base of the needs and health concerns of Phoenix’s homeless population.
4.) Decrease the prevalence of homelessness in the Phoenix metro area.

According to the Point-in-Time Count conducted by the Maricopa Association of Governments, on the night of January 24th, 2022, there were:


individuals experiencing homelessness


individuals were living on the streets

What Do We Actually Do?






Result with High Blood Pressure


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# of Vision Screenings

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    The success of Street Medicine Phoenix's operation is based on support and in-kind donations locally and nationally from people and organizations that wish to seek and implement change in the Phoenix metro community and help those who may be experiencing homelessness.

    • Want to volunteer with Street Medicine Phoenix?

      Drop us a message using the contact form to the left. Please include your first and last name, e-mail address, phone number, and a little about you.

    • Want to donate to Street Medicine Phoenix?

      The success of Street Medicine Phoenix is a result of amazing volunteers and donors who believe in the mission of Street Medicine Phoenix and want to give back to the community. If you would like to donate medical supplies, articles of clothing, money, etc., please e-mail us directly at Street Medicine Phoenix is registered with The University of Arizona Foundation.

    • Are you a healthcare provider?

      We are always looking for healthcare preceptors to join us on our Street Runs assisting medical, pharmacy, nursing, public health, etc., students who serve those experiencing homelessness. If you are interested in becoming a preceptor for our students, please contact us using the contact form to the left.

    • Are you a healthcare system?

      We are always in need of medical supplies whether it be test strips for our glucometers, wound care supply, prescription readers, etc. Your support will only enable the Street Medicine Phoenix team do what it does best, which is to meet the unmet needs for those individuals who may be experiencing homelessness.

    Student led & student run


    Learning Objectives:

    •Describe and model an interprofessional patient-centered team-based model of health care

    •Identify the impact of psychosocial factors on disease and health care utilization

    •Appropriately assess and identify ways to address the health care needs of patients with complex medical conditions utilizing knowledge of the interprofessional team member’s complementary roles and responsibilities, negotiation of common goals and objectives, and knowledge of socioeconomic determinants of health

    •Engage with all members of the interprofessional team using effective communication strategies in collective patient-centered problem solving

    •Demonstrate humanistic qualities in interactions with patients including the delivery of socially and ethically responsible care

    •Model a person-centered approach to care for vulnerable individuals who are experiencing homelessness

    News & Updates



    Stay up-to-date with Street Medicine Phoenix as we share news and updates on our organization. Here you will find information on featured stories published, academic research conference, community engagement, and much more...